New Year, news and huge thanks.

We’ve now called Great House Farm home for just over four months and what a place to live it is. We’ve grown quickly used to dramatic sunsets, waking up to birdsong and a diet of fresh air, locally sourced food and daily Vitamin D. It’s little wonder God has a thing for gardens…

Since moving in we’ve undertaken a huge amount of renovation work and have completely transformed nearly every room in both main houses. This was all only made possible by your prayers, financial support and the army of volunteer workers we’ve had come and pitch in. Thank you all so much.

We’ve got so much left on our building and DIY list but first up this year is to build Ruth and Andrew a kitchen and to finish off their bedroom so they can move out of one of our guest suites and into their gorgeous cottage bedroom. After that? Well, we think it’s about time we make some serious plans for that barn of ours…

Please pray for us as we continue with our fast-paced house renovations and work. We need the money, energy and resource to see it through!

Amazingly, even with a house in chaos we’ve already seen Coming Home take root at Great House Farm through daily hospitality, guests coming and staying, one family taking up residence as a period of respite after a tough season, worship events and much more. We’re delighted and so excited to see God at work here.

We’re busy planning Coming Home events for 2020 and will be sharing invitations soon but for now please go ahead and find us on Facebook, Instagram and sign up for our newsletter (if you haven’t already).

And if you haven’t already stopped by the farm, what are you waiting for?

Love, the Coming Home family.

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