Coming Home

In 2019, as a family group we launched a cross-generational, cross-family, venture called ‘Coming Home’. As a family we want to change the way we live our lives so that it benefits more people.

This is not us starting a charity, as such, but rather radically overhauling the dynamic of our lifestyles to include regular rhythms of gathering and hospitality that go on to change the lives of people around us.

We believe wholeness and soundness of body, mind, and soul, are developed and sustained through family, community, and relationships.

The project

We have bought a farm in Monmouthshire; Great House Farm. Our hope is to transform the buildings and land into a thin place; a place of worship, prayer and healing. We are going to convert some outbuildings, transform a barn and reshape the land. Our hope is that the farm will become a place where we can love people back to life, calling out God’s identity and purpose in them.