Coming Home

In 2019, as a family group we launched a cross-generational, cross-family, venture called ‘Coming Home’. As a project team we want to change the way we live our lives so that it benefits more people.

This is not us starting a charity, as such, but rather radically overhauling the dynamic of our lifestyles to include regular rhythms of hospitality that go on to change the lives of vulnerable people around us.

We believe wholeness and soundness of body, mind, and soul, are developed and sustained through family, community, and relationships.

The project

We have bought a farm in Monmouthshire; Great House Farm. Our hope is to transform the buildings and land into a thin place; a place of worship, prayer and healing. We are going to convert some outbuildings, transform a barn and reshape the land so we are able to host large groups. We will also create accommodation so we can invite the vulnerable and orphaned to come and be part of our family while we love them back to life, calling out God’s identity and purpose in them.

As a project team, we want to change the way we live our lives so that it benefits more people.

Coming Home will house many different streams. For example, we plan to expand and accelerate the work of Baby BeBop and PolkaTots.

We plan to host regular meals and gatherings that provide a safe space in which to welcome isolated and vulnerable members of the community.

We plan to facilitate mums and babies, and other vulnerable families, in need of practical and emotional support – whether that’s a place to live, therapy, counselling, or a reinforced support network.

We plan to create a place ready for retreat. Somewhere remote but accessible with a sense of peace, and space, for people to come, relax and leave restored.


We will connect with and primarily cover Bristol, Cardiff, South Wales and the South West. Key members of our core team will retain their strong connections with churches and organisations in London too.

However, we also have a global network and will look to host, for breaks and retreats, people from all over the UK and beyond.


We’ve launched a fundraising series and we hope to raise around £180,000.

Pledges will help us to convert the outbuildings into useable spaces, set up guest rooms and independent living venues and make Coming Home something that touches and changes multiple lives.

We’re really excited about this project – it has purpose, plays to our skills and strengths and has come out of years of dreaming about what we can do to transform and better the lives of those around us.

We’re really excited about this project, and what we can do to transform, and better, the lives of those around us.

We’d love you to think about whether this project is something you’d like to support in some way, however small?